Dan’s musical intent is to create a body of music that encourages people to flourish in their surroundings. Previous compositions have conveyed his message through the medium of hyper-consonance, shifting modal textures, and effortlessly dancing in and out of atmospheric washes. Currently, Dan practices his craft by means of tension and release, twelve-tone dodecaphony and hexachord experimentation, jazz mentalities, classical counterpoint, and rhythmic ambiguities. He graduated West Chester University’s Theory and Composition program in Fall ’11 after studying under composers Robert Maggio, Van Stiefel, Adam Silverman, Mark Rimple, and jazz pianist Theresa Klinefelter.

Recent commissions have included the Pennsylvania Academy of Ballet, Breaking the 5th Wall, artist Anne Yoncha, and Greg Kennedy, formerly of Cirque De Soleil. In the near future, Dan will be giving a presentation at the MTNA Collegiate Chapters Piano Pedagogy Symposium about accompanying dancers via piano improvisation, as well as obtain his MFA from the University of Delaware under the guidance of jazz pianist/drummer Tom Palmer, as well as the compositional direction of Dr. Jennifer Barker.